C2C Fund

Establishing the Community2Community Fund™, and the fixed contribution of 1p per capsule and 5p for every kilo of filter and espresso coffee sold by Mozzo, is our way of ensuring that the choice made by all our partners to serve Mozzo Coffee delivers a positive impact all the way through the coffee value chain.


After a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2014, together with Twin Trading, we found a start-up cooperative in DRC called Muungano (meaning togetherness in Swahili.) In one of the poorest countries in Africa, and without so much as an office or computer to their name, Muungano has one thing up their sleeve... sensational coffee!

Muungano has been involved in a program to identify local people to receive extensive cupping training to learn the skills and universal language of the specialty coffee market. A collective investment by Mozzo and Twin of $43,710 has been made to build Muungano their first office, employ 7 full time staff as well as employ 6 Field Officers (Agronomists) for 3 Months, build a Cupping Lab & Quality Control Facility and build 10 Drying tables. Team Mozzo will be heading back out to the DRC and Muungano this year to see for ourselves the impact that is being made.

We will be bringing you an update on our C2C work, and of course the extraordinary coffee, so stay tuned throughout 2018…